What Your Blood Tells You


Discover the empowering insights hidden within your blood chemistry with “What Your Blood Tells You.” This comprehensive guide provides easy-to-understand explanations and practical solutions for utilizing energetic and nutritional approaches to achieve optimal health and well-being.

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Unlock the secrets of your blood chemistry and discover energetic and nutritional answers for change with “What Your Blood Tells You.” This comprehensive guide, authored by Joseph R. Scogna Jr. in collaboration with Kathy M. Scogna, provides easy-to-understand explanations of 25 different evaluations, empowering you to interpret your own blood chemistry and make informed nutritional and energetic adjustments. Explore remedies ranging from vitamins, minerals, and homeopathic remedies to herbs, essential oils, juices, foods, and lifestyle changes. Embrace this essential resource on your SAF (Self Awareness Formulas) journey towards holistic well-being.


Publication Date: May 15 2014

ISBN/EAN13: 1497465443 / 9781497465442

Page Count: 70

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Language: English

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